Monday, June 16, 2008

Maj. Scott A. Hagerty, Pfc. Derek D. Holland

The Department of Defense announced today the death of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. They died June 3 in Zormat, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when their vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device.

Killed were:

Maj. Scott A. Hagerty, 41, of Stillwater, Okla., who was assigned to the 451st Civil Affairs Battalion, Pasadena, Texas.

Pfc. Derek D. Holland, 20, of Wind Gap, Pa., who was assigned to the 228th Brigade Support Battalion, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Bethlehem, Pa.


Old Sgt said...

Major Scott Hagerty was my son-in-law. Married to my daughter for 12 and one half years and the father of two wonderful boys Jonathan 10 and Samuel 20 months. Scott was in every aspect the true american soldier. Always giving unselfishly of himself in every task. This was Scott's third trip to the region. His first tour was in Iraq in 2004. His second tour was in the Horn of Africa. and his third and final rour in Afghanistan. Of these three tours, Scott was never called to go, he volunteered. He did so because he thought he might make a differnence somewhere, somehow.

Make a difference he did. During his tour in the Horn of Africa, Scott was in charge of a Civil Affairs team. Their job was to go throughout the area they were assigned to and assist the local villages in improving their lives. His team was responsible for improving over 60 wells that enriched the lives of over 200,000 with fresh water and water for their crops. Scott's team was the first team ever of its kind in the region, and established the standard for other teams to follow.

Another personal mission that Scott took on while there was the care of an orphanage. Not just one orphan, but the entire orphanage. He and his team, with the assistance of their wives back in the states, ensured that the children of the orphanage received diapers, bottles for milk, and other items that could be utilized by the orphanage. That mission continues, and has been picked up by other teams that have replaced Scott's.

When Scott was killed by the IED in Afghanistan, he again was on a mission of good will. Again his team was responsible for going around to the villages in his district and helping them improve their lives. When Scott's vehicle hit the IED, they had just qwrapped up their acessment of the educational needs in the Zormat area of the Paktia Province.

What kind of a man was Scott Hagerty? He was a soldier. Dedicated, devoted and passionate about his work. Ever since he was a child he knew he was destined to be a soldier. Scott is gone now, but the thought of him being gone still lays heavy on our heart. Behind he left a legacy, a wife and my two grandsons. Through them Scott shall never die, but live forever.

This is who he was, at least to those that knew him and loved him. His kids, my kids and yours is what this is all about. Never forget Scott or Pfc Holland. Never let their deaths be in vain and for not. The next time you see a member of the military, walk up to them, shake their hand and tell them "thank you for your service." Put your political standards aside and just tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing to stay the lifestyle you have enjoyed and your children will enjoy. Like those before him, he did it because "it was the right thing to do."

Vasti said...

I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting "Captain" in northern Uganda early last year. I was able to see the inspiring work he and his team did. He was so incredibly lively and dedicated to the mission. Captain extended his help and expertise to me and a few other colleagues and became an integral part of our academic research in the war affected zone of Lira.

I received the news about Captain’s passing only last week. I am completely disheartened. But although it’s extremely difficult knowing that the Captain is gone—with the permission of the family—I will honor his name and his work over the next year at my University and in my overseas travels. I want to send out my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this wonderful man.

With sincere empathy,
Vasti Cedeno